Current Job Openings

Senior Accountant-Finance - ONEFM


Senior Security Guard - Operations - ONEFM

  1. You are the Senior security, and that makes you the person in charge to make sure the guards are diligent with their duties and responsibilities.
  2. The way you perform your duties directly enforces discipline and standard that is unmatched.

Security Guard-Airport Operations - ONEFM

  1. Ensure the airport Premises are secure
  2. Ensure safety of the property and people
  3. Constant Skills and knowledge upgrade

Janitor-Airport Operations - ONEFM

  1. Swipe off the dust from the surfaces and spaces you are working at.
  2. Use the best equipment to clean, get rid of stains, and keep the space around you Neat.
  3. Eliminate the germs with the disinfectants.
  4. Follow the Schedules of cleaning ensuring the top-notch customer experience.
  5. Learn with us to use Advanced and latest techniques of cleaning.

Airport Security Officer

  1. Must be AVSEC certified to apply for this position.
  2. As an AVSEC Officer, you will secure the safety of the Airport premises, people, and passengers.
  3. You will screen of passengers and cabin baggage, hold Baggage using EDS X-Ray devices to detect prohibited items.

Purchase Manager


  1. Research potential vendors.
  2. Compare and evaluate offers from suppliers.
  3. Negotiate contract terms of agreement and pricing.
  4. Track orders and ensure timely delivery.
  5. Review quality of purchased products.
  6. Maintain updated records of purchased products, delivery information and invoices.
  7. Prepare reports on purchases, including cost analyses.
  8. Monitor stock levels and place orders as needed.
  9. Review and develop ERPnext purchasing module .
  10. Develop analytical reports in ERPnext (financial,cost analysis …)

Requirements and skills

  1. Knowledge of vendor sourcing practices locally and overseas. 
  2. Previous experience with purchasing software.
  3. Understanding of supply chain procedures.
  4. Analytical skills.
  5. Negotiation techniques skills.
  6. Team player skills.
  7. Decision making skills.
  8. Leadership skills.
  9. Proven work experience as a Purchasing manager in the state of kuwait.
  10. Bachelor degree.

Jr. Software Developer - Python

Primary Role:

The candidate will be required to -

  1. Design, Configure, Build, Test, Deploy and Maintain ERPNext and Frappe based applications:
  2. Create and prepare documentation for software development and testing.
  3. Drive continuous improvement in development and operations best practices.
  4. Ability to convey complex information in both written and oral form to technical and non-technical audiences.


  1. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  2. Good interpersonal communication skills.
  3. Able to understand the complex business process and manage the project.
  4. Creative approach to problem-solving. 

Technical qualifications:

  1. Experience in Python (any of DJango, Flask, FAstAPI or Frappe), Javascript, MySQL, web development. 
  2. Linux OS (Ubuntu/Debian or MAC)
  3. Github
  4. Scrum/Agile development methodologies 
  5. Object-Oriented Programming

Camp Boss -General Services


Legal Assistant

We are Looking for a Candidate with Strong Knowledge in Law and Who can Create and Implement Policies and Procedures for Investigation, Official Letters, Document Control System in assigned time period

Junior Sales Executive


Cleaning Supervisor




Administrative Officer


Janitor-General Services


Cleaner-Operations - ONEFM


Security Guard